Accessible websites

Since the introduction of the BITV in 2002, quite a number of accessible websites have been created in Germany and other German-speaking countries. Many of these sites have been tested.

Listing of accessible web sites

The section Barrierefreie Websites (accessible web sites) lists sites that conform to BITV / WCAG (before March 2019: that have achieved a rating of 90 points or higher) according to BITV final tests, and have agreed to publish their test result. Links are provided to the detailed test reports (in German).

Listing of recommended web design companies

The listing also features (mostly German) Empfehlenswerte Agenturen (web design companies), each of them having built at least one web site which has scored 95 points or higher in the BITV-Test (since March 2019: at least one site that conforms to BITV / WCAG). A short profile for each of these companies provides contact details and cross-references the websites built.

Companies can be sorted chronologically (year of entry of a reference site) or alphabetically. Looking at the companies' details and reference sites helps website owners pick a competent service provider when they plan an accessible relaunch of their site.