The BITV-Test

The BITV-Test has been used extensively to test the accessibility of many federal administration websites as well as that of many other information-oriented sites

The overview of the BITV-Test outlines the legal background of the BITV-Test and describes its purpose, scope and reliability.

The individual BITV test steps (in German) can be found on the German website. There, you also find a detailed description of the BITV test procedure (in German).

There are three different flavours of BITV-Test:

  • BITV final test

    The final BITV-Test offers a definitive assessment of the accessibility of completed websites. Focusing on a selected sample of pages, the test provides an accessibility snapshot. It does not cover the intelligibility and usability of content. Apart from these restrictions it can be claimed that a site that passes the test can claim BITV conformance: it is deemed accessible for most visitors.

  • BITV design support test

    The design support test uses the same BITV-Test for checking the accessibility of websites under development indicating deficiencies that further design should remedy and providing a rough orientation regarding BITV conformance. The reliability of test results is limited, the test is meant for internal use only.

  • BITV self-assessment

    The BITV self-assessment is a web-based tool for web developers who want to stick to the requirements of the BITV-Test developed by BIK. A questionnaire with test steps allows users to assess the accessibility of the website tested.